Wheelchair-accessible service? Not really...

However, the driver did not alight to render assistance to my friend. Instead, he drove off. -ST

If the driver brakes suddenly, commuters standing near the platform step, or stepping on or off the platform, may fall and get hurt. -ST
He demanded that the driver let him board the bus, which was already in the second lane of the five-lane road. -ST
One place to observe human behaviour at its worst is on the road. -The Star/ANN
Are drivers of public transport or the companies covered by third-party insurance that insures their passengers? -ST
At times, the reduction of speed required can be from 90kmh to 70kmh, or 80kmh to 60kmh, which is rather drastic. -ST
In short, there is too much data on the screen, causing unnecessary clutter and visual overload. -ST
Controversial decisions are uncomfortably common. -ST
They do this to bypass electronic parking gantries and to get to the closest lift landings to speed up deliveries. -ST
A commercial bus has been parked illegally on Tuas Avenue 10 for more than a month. -TNP
The driver of a black BMW alerted me to the fire and helped me out of the burning car. -ST