Commuter-unfriendly features of new buses

If the driver brakes suddenly, commuters standing near the platform step, or stepping on or off the platform, may fall and get hurt. -ST

However, the driver did not alight to render assistance to my friend. Instead, he drove off. -ST
He demanded that the driver let him board the bus, which was already in the second lane of the five-lane road. -ST
The toy-like Renault Twizy is part-bike, part-car and all fun. -ST
Mercedes' new C-class is a saloon that sets high standards in its segment. -ST
Nissan's latest Elgrand ditches one seat for more comfort and frills. -ST
Audi's S3 Sedan is a firecracker of a compact four-door. -ST
Audi puts a dimunitive 1.4-litre engine into its Q3 and gets away with it. -ST
One place to observe human behaviour at its worst is on the road. -The Star/ANN
MPVs are supposed to be steady, solid and safe, with space being the key theme. -sgCarMart
Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs). They set minds thinking - what is the whole point about these tall, clunky cars? -sgCarMart